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7th-Aug-2006 10:00 pm - July 2006 Summary
36 published attacks
5 fatalities

Husky Mixes kill 2-yr-old child in Canada- two dogs were later euthanized. Child was being babysat, "escaped" and was mauled by two of four chained dogs.
Pit Bull kills 81-yr-old male in United States- the dog was running loose, attacked the elderly man. Man later died from injuries sustained.
Pit Bull kills 71-yr-old female in United States. Dog jumped fence and attacked woman in her garden.
Mixed Breeds kill 4-yr-old female in Australia. Six dogs were kept chained in backyard and were used as hunting dogs. A 4-yr-old female who knew the dogs climbed over two sets of fences and entered the backyard. Two of the dogs attacked and killed her. All six dogs were euthanized.
Wolf-Dog Hybrids kill 50 yr old female in United States. Woman kept nine wolfdogs in a small pen. Unknown which wolfdogs killed woman. All were shot and killed.

- major, dog escaped from backyard, attacked toddler playing on front lawn.
Belgian Malinois
- Moderate, police dog attacked trainer during a bank robbery investigation. Dog was shot and killed. Dog has history of aggression towards trainer.
- moderate, police dog is permitted to jump on person petting him. Dog bites him in the face.
- moderate-major, dogs loose, dogs remain with owner after attack
Cattle Dog Mix
- minor-moderate, loose dog attacks child on bike.
Cocker Spaniel mix
- moderate, food aggressive dog is approached by child, dog attacks. Dog euthanized.
- major, child falls on dog while dog is sleeping. Dog attacks.
- major, dog usually kept chained. Toddler approached dog while he is feeding. Dog mauls child after breaking free from chain. Dog euthanized.
- minor, dog running loose
- minor, dog and child were playing supervised when dog nipped
- major, housekeeper brought child over to check on dogs while owners were away. Child alone with dog when attack happened. Dog was a conformation dog. Dog most likely euthanized.
German Shepherd
-major, child was alone with dog, dog bit child's head (100 stitches), dog returned to kennels.
- moderate, dog running loose with a Lab Mix and attacked child on front lawn. Lab Mix shot and killed.
- moderate, dog was normally chained. Broke from chain and attacked passerby.
- moderate, dog running loose.
- minor, GSD running loose with Dachshund. Both dogs attack victim on bike. Both dogs also attack officer trying to intervene.
Great Dane
- moderate, dog was running loose and attacked child.
-moderate-major, dog was tethered in front yard. Victim knew dog. Victim's loose tennis ball entered front lawn. When child bent to pick up ball, dog attacked.
-moderate, dog was walked on leash. MOther of victim permits child to pet dog as dog walks by, dog attacked.
Labrador Retriever Mix
- moderate, dog running loose with a German Shepherd and attacked child on front lawn. Dog was shot and killed.
Pit Bull
- major, two dogs, unknown circumstances
- moderate, police dog mistakes bystander for robbery suspect.
- moderate, dog was leashed, child asked to pet dog. child reached over dog's head to pet and dog attacked.
- major, unknown circumstances
- moderate, two dogs escaped from apartment. Un-neutered male attacked 2-yr-old female. Dogs are returned to owner.
- major & moderate, two dogs running loose, attack two victims.
- minor, owner of dog opens gate, dog escapes and bites woman.
- minor
- minor, two dogs running loose.
- minor, dog let out by 12-yr-old babysitter. Dog is shot and killed.
- moderate, dog running loose
Pit Bull Mix
- major, infant is shoved in face of dog who has never met child. Dog was euthanized.
Rhodesian Ridgeback_Bull Terrier Mix
- unknown severity, unknown circumstances
- moderate, dog running loose.
Rottweiler_Bull Mastiff
- major, dog being walked by a 13-yr-old male. Victim knew dog, approached to pet. When child turned away, dog attacked.
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
- moderate, unknown circumstances

31st-Jul-2006 08:01 am - July 30, 2006

Date: July 30, 2006
Location: Canada
Breed: Doberman
Victim: 16-month old child
Severity: Minor
Circumstances: Dog and child were supervised. Dog and child were playing. Dog nipped at child's eye, broke the skin.
Link: http://680news.com/news/local/article.jsp?content=20060731_084257_4152


A toddler is recovering after he was bitten by a doberman over the weekend.

The 16-month-old was playing with the dog at a home in the east end when the animal nipped at him, breaking the skin above his left eye.

The dog has never bitten anyone before however, animal control officers have said the dog will have to be restrained. Anytime a dog has bitten a human or another animal, it has to be under a muzzle order.

The child's mother has asked that no charges be laid against the dog's owner. The extreme heat may have played a role in the attack, causing the dog to be more irritable.

29th-Jul-2006 09:50 am - July 29, 2006
Date: 7/29/2006
Location: Gold Coast City,   , Australia
Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix
Victim: 5-yr-old female
Severity: Unknown
Circumstances: UNknown
Link: http://www.smh.com.au/news/National/Dog-bites-off-girls-ear-in-attack/2006/07/29/1153816423590.html

A Staffordshire cross dog has bitten the ear off a five-year-old girl in an attack on the Gold Coast.

The girl was in a neighbour's yard with her mother at Palm Beach when the dog attacked her at 9.30am (AEST) on Saturday, police said.

She was taken to hospital, but the full extent of her injuries was unknown, a police spokeswoman said.

Gold Coast City Council animal control officers have impounded the dog.

29th-Jul-2006 09:46 am - July 25, 2006
Date: 7/25/2006
Location: Kidderminster, UK
Breed: German Shepherd
Victim: 7-yr-old male
Severity: Major, 100 stitches to head
Circumstances: Child was alone with dog, playing in backyard. Dog bit him on the head. Dog returned to kennels.
Link: http://www.expressandstar.com/articles/news/es/article_92007.php

29th-Jul-2006 09:44 am - July 25, 2006
Date: 7/25/2006
Location: Huntington, West Virginia
Breed: Dalmatian
Severity: Minor
Circumstances: Dog loose.
Link: http://www.herald-dispatch.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060729/NEWS01/607290333/1001/NEWS

HUNTINGTON -- A Huntington family is looking for the dog they believe bit their
14-year-old son earlier this week.

Michele Blake lives in the 300 block of 10th Avenue, and she says a brown-spotted Dalmation bit her son as he walked along the 9th Avenue side of Cammack Elementary and Middle schools Tuesday evening. Blake said the dog bite broke the skin around her son's abdomen, but did not require stitches

Unless the family finds the dog or its owner, Blake fears her son will be subjected to a series of rabies shots before the end of next week.

In order to avoid the shots, Blake said her family needs to have the dog quarantined or hope the owner shows proof that the dog was properly vaccinated prior to the bite.

Blake said she believes her fear of the shots is enough to worry any parent.

"For a 14-year-old to have to go through that painful series of shots unnecessarily is a big deal to me, and it's a big deal to him," she said

28th-Jul-2006 11:33 am - ***Fatality - July 27, 2006***
Date: July 27, 2006
Location: Manitoba, Canada
Breed: Husky Mix (two dogs)
Victim: 2-yr-old male
Circumstances: Child was being babysat. Child "escaped". Found later on near several chained dogs, some of whom still had blood stains. Two dogs euthanized.
Link: http://www.canada.com/globaltv/national/story.html?id=9a2d20fb-c6a6-42bb-ab00-96cee49bc191

28th-Jul-2006 11:16 am - July 28, 2006
Date: 7/28/2006
Location: Osceola County, Florida
Breed: Pit Bull
Victim: 81-yr-old male
Severity: Major
Circumstances: Dog running loose. Unknown.
Link; http://www.local6.com/news/9592625/detail.html

An 81-year-old man was hospitalized Friday after he was attacked by a pit bull dog in his neighborhood, according to Local 6 News.


Sheriff's deputies in Osceola County, Fla., responded to a dog bite at 1055 West Tropicana Court in Kissimmee, Fla.


When officers arrived, they found the victim lying on the ground with serious injuries to his legs, a news release said.

 neighbor said he attempted to get one of the dogs off the victim by shooting at the animal.


The victim was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center but his condition was not known.


Animal Control picked up the uninjured pit bull.


Deputies are investigating the incident.
27th-Jul-2006 06:31 pm - ***Fatality - July 27, 2006***
Date: 7/27/2006
Locatin: Kansas City, Kansas
Breed: Pit Bull
Victim: 71-yr-old female
Circumstances: Unknown. Woman was in her garden, dog jumped fence and attacked. Dog and another pit bull mix were taken by animal control.
Link: http://www.thekansascitychannel.com/news/9586066/detail.html

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A 71-year-old woman died Thursday when she was attacked by a pit bull, officials said.

Jimmie May McConnell was in her garden at 3100 Longwood Ave. at about 11:30 a.m. when the dog jumped the fence and attacked her.


Firefighters had to hit the dog with an ax and a pole to get it off McConnell, officials said.


"The dog was still on the victim," Assistant Fire Chief Craig Duke said.

27th-Jul-2006 06:27 pm - July 27, 2006
Date: 7/27/2006
Location: Lexington, North Carolina
Breed: Pit Bull, two dogs
Victim: 26-yr-old female
Severity: Major
Circumstances: Unknown, dogs have been confiscated.
Link: http://www.fox21.com/Global/story.asp?S=5206719&nav=2KPp

LEXINGTON, N.C. A 26-year-old Davidson County woman is in serious condition today after she was attacked by two pit bull dogs.

Police in Lexington say they found Kelly Lynn Bell lying in a ditch with several severe dog bites on her body. She was taken to Baptist Hospital for surgery.


Authorities are holding the dogs while they investigate the incident, and NO charges have been filed yet.
27th-Jul-2006 08:18 am - July 27, 2006

Date: 7/27/2006
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback_Bull Terrier
Victim: 2-yr-old female
Severity: Unknown
Circumstances: Unknown
Link: http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,22606,19927694-5006301,00.html

A TODDLER was bitten by a dog at her family home this morning, and was rushed to the Women's and Children's Hospital.


About 8.30am the two-year-old girl was bitten on the face at her home in Jennifer St, Paradise.

The dog is believed to be as a cross between a bull terrier and rhodesian ridgeback.

A Salisbury Council spokesman said the dog might be put down.  



27th-Jul-2006 08:15 am - July 26, 2006
Date: 7/26/2006
Location: UK
Breed; German Shepherd, police dog
Victim: 12-yr-old male
Severity: Moderate (one wound picture in the article, not too gory)
Circumstances: Police officers did not see the boy on the street. Police officers were chasing suspects and released the police dog to go after them. The dog mistook the victim for a suspect and attacked him.
Link: http://iccoventry.icnetwork.co.uk/0100news/0100localnews/tm_objectid=17451858&method=full&siteid=50003&headline=police-dog-mauls-schoolboy-name_page.html

SCHOOLBOY Cameron Cox was mauled by a police dog in a Coventry street after popping out to buy a can of pop.

The German shepherd mistook the 12-year-old for a suspect police had been chasing and sunk its teeth into the youngster's right arm.

It left the Finham Park school pupil in agony and needing stitches to sew together the deep teeth marks and puncture wounds he suffered.

27th-Jul-2006 08:12 am - July 23, 2006
Date: 7/23/2006
Location: Greene County, Missouri
Breed: Great Dane
Victim: 9-yr-old female
Severity: moderate (picture of wound in article)
Circumstances: Unknown
Link; http://www.news-leader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060727/NEWS01/607270378

Last Sunday, 9-year-old Abby Shifflet was walking home when her mother says a neighbor's dog attacked her.

She went to the hospital and received six staples in her head, three stitches behind her left ear and one on it. Her ear also had to be glued.

26th-Jul-2006 08:08 am - ***Fatality - July 24, 2006***
Date: 7/24/2006
Location: Hargill, Texas
Breeds: Pit Bull & Labrador Mix
Victim: 3-yr-old female
Circumstances: Dogs were chained outside. The female pit bull had a litter of puppies. The 3-yr-old "escaped" the house and approached the dogs. Was attacked and killed. Both dogs will be euthanized. Gotta love the title - "Toddler Killed by family's pit bull"....I'm sure the Pit Bull told the Lab to attack!
Link: http://www.team4news.com/Global/story.asp?S=5197762&nav=0w0v

26th-Jul-2006 08:05 am - July 25, 2006
Date: 7/25/2006
Location: Fredericksburg, Virginia
Breeds: German Shepherd & Labrador Mix
Victim: 5-yr-old male
Severity: Moderate
Circumstances: Dogs running loose. Attacked child on front lawn. German Shepherd shot and killed. Other dog shot, remains at large.
LinK: http://www.fredericksburg.com/News/FLS/2006/072006/07262006/209101

21st-Jul-2006 02:31 pm - July 19, 2006
Date: 7/19/2006
Location: Grants, New Mexico
Breed: Rottweiler_Bull Mastiff
Victim: 4-yr-old male
Severity: Major
Circumstances: Dog being walked by a 13-yr-old male. Victim knew dog, approached to pet. As child turned away, dog attacked.
Link: http://www.cibolabeacon.com/articles/2006/07/21/news/news3.txt

20th-Jul-2006 08:14 am - July 19, 2006
Date: 7/19/2006
Location: Newberry Springs, California
Breed: Greyhound
Victim: 12-yr-old male
Severity: Moderate-major
Circumstances: The dog was tethered in front yard at time of attack. The boy had known the dog. At some point, a loose ball entered the front lawn, and when the child bent over to pick up the ball, the dog began to attack.
Link: http://www.desertdispatch.com/2006/115340530556560.html

I'm going to start including attacks dogs inflict upon other animals. I will include all articles in one post for each week.

Date: July 3, 2006
Breed of dog: Labrador Retriever
Animal victim: Yorkshire Terrier
Severity: Yorkshire terrier killed.
Situation: Lab's owner let go of leash, dog bolted, and attacked Yorkie. Dog was not euthanized, but was returned to the humane society.
Link: http://www.pioneerlocal.com/cgi-bin/ppo-story/localnews/current/pa/07-20-06-983266.html

19th-Jul-2006 07:25 pm - ***Fatality - July 19, 2006***
Date: 7/19/2006
Location: New South Wales, Australia
Breed: Cross-breeds (pig hunting dogs)
Victim: 4-yr-old female
Circumstances: Six dogs were kept chained in the backyard. The victim had played in the backyard before. She somehow squeezed or got over two sets of fences and entered the backyard. Two of the dogs bit through their chains, escaped and attacked her.
Link: http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2006/07/20/1153166485402.html

19th-Jul-2006 07:22 pm - July 19, 2006
Date: 7/19/2006
Location: Sugar Land, Texas
Breed: Doberman (apparently a show dog)
Victim: 4-yr-old male
Severity: Major
Circumstances: Housekeeper brought child over to check on dogs while owners were away. Child was alone in backyard with the dog when attack happen. Dog will most likely be euthanized.
Link: http://www.click2houston.com/news/9544934/detail.html

19th-Jul-2006 07:21 pm - ***Fatality - July 17, 2006***
Date: July 17, 2006
Location: Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Breed: Wolf-hybrid - 9 dogs
Victim: 50 yr old female
Circumstances: Unknown. She was found in the small pen housing the wolf-dogs. All wolf-dogs euthanized.
Link: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06199/706657-100.stm 

19th-Jul-2006 07:19 pm - July 16, 2006
Date: 7/16/2006
Location: Lubbock, Texas
Breed: Pit Bull (picture)
Victim: 10 yr -old male
Severity: moderate
Circumstances: Dog was leashed. Child asked to pet dog. Child reached over dog's head to pet. Dog attacked.
19th-Jul-2006 07:18 pm - July 14, 2006
Date: July 13, 2006
Location: West Lafayette, Indiana
Breed: Belgian Malinois (picture in article)
Severity: Moderate
Circumstances: Police dog attacked trainer during a bank robbery investigation. Dog would not let go and was shot and killed. Dog has a history of aggression towards trainer.
19th-Jul-2006 08:11 am - July 17, 2006

Date: July 17, 2006
Location: Barrow County, Georgia
Breed: Pit Bull
Victim: 2-yr-old female
Severity: Major
Circumstances: Unknown
Link: http://www.gwinnettdailypost.com/index.php?s=&url_channel_id=32&url_article_id=17374&url_subchannel_id=&change_well_id=2

14th-Jul-2006 07:51 am - July 13, 2006
Date: 7/13/2006
Location: Cambridge (Canada)
Breed: German Shepherd
Victim: adult female
Severity: Moderate
Circumstances: Dog was normally chained. Broke from chain and attacked woman passing by. Dog is being quarantined.
LinK; http://www.therecord.com/NASApp/cs/ContentServer?pagename=record/Layout/Article_Type1&c=Article&cid=1152827415553&call_pageid=1024322085509&col=1024322199564

A German shepherd has been seized after attacking a Cambridge woman yesterday morning.

The woman, 47, was walking along a path between Kerr and Main streets around 5:45 a.m. The dog broke free from a chain at a nearby house and rushed towards her.

It bit the woman on her right leg and right hand before running away. She was taken by ambulance to Cambridge Memorial Hospital for treatment.

The German shepherd was found at its owner's home, where it had been chained. The dog was taken by animal control officials.

There was no record of vaccination. The dog will be quarantined for 10 days while police, the regional health unit and the city investigate

14th-Jul-2006 07:46 am - July 10, 2006
Date: 7/10/2006
Location: Amherst, Massachusetts
Breed: Pit Bull, two dogs, one un-neutered male involved in attack (the other dog was netuered, not involved)
Victim: 2-yr-old female
Severity: Moderate
Circumstances: Dogs live in same structure as victim. Dogs escaped, the intact male attacked the little girl. Dogs will be returned to owner with stipulations.
Link: http://www.masslive.com/hampfrank/republican/index.ssf?/base/news-5/1152862851161640.xml&coll=1

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